Welcome to a world of possibilities


Dance is my passion and profession, and I have been performing and teaching since 2002. I express myself through the styles of break – and contemporary dance, and often a mix of the styles.

Theater is my main field of interest, both as a dancer and choreographer, so this is where I seek to be.

I do not see limits, only possibilities, and from this perspective I live my life and overcome the challenges on my way.

I see myself as a versatile and cooperative individual, and I am used to be given dance related tasks of all sorts. Whether as a consultant, lecturer, doing workshops, teaching body language, working as a dancer, acting, making videos, or creating a performance never seen before.

– Jon Stage

Jonstage.com was founded in may of 2010. The company aims to create a stable platform for Jon Stage as an artist. Future goals includes growing economicly as a company, alongside expanding Jon´s artistic life.

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