Monthly Archives: January 2012

Toxic Slumbers @AMBASSADEN

The new opened stage for theater and comedy AMBASSADEN in Aarhus presented the cabaret TOXIC SLUMBERS, featuring 4 musicians, a trapez artist, a singer and a dancer (me). We played form january 28th till june 2nd, with 11 sold out … Continue reading

Opening videos from brand new theater AMBASSADEN

Check out the two opening video from the new theater AMBASSADEN featuring some of the local artists, politicians and cultural personality´s. Including me..

Human Doing Short Film Session / the dishes

Raw and spontaneous is the key words in the short film by Human Doing. The concept: One random song is listened/danced to during an action of any kind. example: doing the dishes. The clip is recorded, with a spontaneous setup … Continue reading

BURHØNS the musical @Levring Efterskole

I choreographed parts of the Gnags musical Burhøns and worked as an extern consultant @Levring Efterskole. Working with 160 students was a good challenge, and the process was a great experience for both me, the staff and the students.