Toxic Slumbers @AMBASSADEN

The new opened stage for theater and comedy AMBASSADEN in Aarhus presented the cabaret TOXIC SLUMBERS, featuring 4 musicians, a trapez artist, a singer and a dancer (me). We played form january 28th till june 2nd, with 11 sold out performances, and some great feedback from both audience and press.

The press wrote..
**** A huge rush of energy. Performed so you can feel it – and it feels good.
**** Unpredictable, messy, intimate, charming, sexy and entertaining all in once.
**** The perspective is turned in a skilful way…skilfully arranged with a good sense of variety. Aarhus Stifttidende
also check out the press photos from Per P here 

Here is a video from the creative process

and the intro video from the performance
YouTube Preview Image 

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