VALHALLA the musical


I was hired to do the choreography for the danish musical VALHALLA Balladen om Balder. My job was to do the dance part of the official audition, alongside with the singing audition. I created dance and movement specific for the Valhalla universe, in which I was to teach the cast of 28 actors.

VALHALLA is a world know cartoon created by the danish cartoonist Peter Madsen, who also worked as the scenographer at this production. Many might know him for the epic 1986 cartoon QUARK.The music was composed by Sigurd Barrett, who is widely known in Denmark for his own television show. Futhermore a great deal of talent made the production possible, and in the end with 16 sold-out performances it is a real success.

See this video from Viborg Folkeblad

Here is a gallery from the creation

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